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Harmony Medical Foundation dedicates its resources to improve the accessibility of preventative and quality healthcare to local residents in the communities we serve.


Patients deserve access to the healthcare they need at home - without traveling outside of the local area. With many residents traveling 45+ miles to receive basic care, Harmony Medical Foundation recognizes a need to encourage more healthcare opportunities in the community. Our efforts aim to bring medical services and facilities to the communities we serve. 



Lifestyle medicine programs increase the patient’s knowledge, skills, and confidence to adapt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Primary care is the first line of defense for every medical issue. Preventative care also reserves emergency care facilities for true emergencies. Our specific focus will be given to the aging population and most underserved.


We aim to improve the number of local independent healthcare providers focused on patient care, patient services, and patient satisfaction. By engaging and involving the patient, our medical professionals can partner together to take ownership in preventive care as well as the treatment of diagnosed conditions.



Supporting the medical needs of our underserved, neighboring counties.

Putnam County and its surrounding 25-mile radius of neighboring counties are in need of primary care physicians. The ratio of primary care physicians to residents in this area is 1 to 3,100. With continued population growth, the number of residents in need will continue to dramatically increase. Through outreach programs to this 8-county area, we can address the specific needs of these communities. 



Having access to quality healthcare has never been more important than now. For communities to thrive, especially as their populations continue to grow, having primary care physicians, specialists and quality medical services close by is essential. Harmony Medical Foundation develops community-based opportunities for health access and education.

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