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Helping our local community access quality healthcare at home. 

Current Initiatives  

Harmony Medical Foundation was created to ensure individuals living in our community have access to all of their health needs here at home. We celebrated our initial success in March 2021 with the opening of Mercer Medicine’s Putnam County Primary Care practice in Harmony Medical Center.

Harmony Medical Foundation's initiatives for 2021/2022 include:

  • Health Fair (Fall 2021)

  • Community Needs Assessment with the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center​

  • Bringing a second primary care physician to Harmony Medical Center

  • Health & Wellness Lecture Series 


Our Mission 

Based in the heart of Lake Country, Georgia, Harmony Medical Foundation serves an eight-county area of rural communities covering a 25-mile radius. Many residents lack access to quality, local healthcare.

The five cornerstones of our Foundation aim to aid these fundamental community healthcare needs.

Our Values

These are the cornerstones of our mission to improve healthcare for all in our community. 


  • Accessibility

  • Prevention

  • Quality

  • Outreach

  • Opportunity

Learn more about our mission >>

Counties Served

HMF supports health initiatives in these

Central Georgia counties:


  • Baldwin

  • Greene

  • Hancock

  • Jasper

  • Jones

  • Morgan

  • Putnam

  • Taliaferro

Better Care Starts with You
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